Moskito Oil Recovery

Moskito Oil Recovery

The patented Moskito is a compact and versatile tool for oil removal from sunken or otherwise damaged vessels. Three steps are combined in a quick and safe operation:

• Attaching machine to hull
• Drilling drain hole
• Fastening valve and hose connection

It is based on an electromagnetic tripod, which enables it to attach to flat or curved surfaces without any hot work or penetration of the hull plate.

A hole saw is used to drill a drain hole through the shell plate. The machine is then detached, leaving the hole saw firmly secured to the shell plating without leakage.

The hole saw is connected to a valve and can now be used either to pump the oil to the surface or to allow sea water to flow into the tank at the bottom.

The Moskito, together with a number of hole saws, can be used for multiple operations to penetrate as many locations as necessary without resurfacing.

The tool can be handled by divers as well as ROVs.

Weight in air
70 kg

Weight in water

Max. water depth
300 m (3000 m with modifications)

500 mm

Power supply

Drain hole dimension
3 inch

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