Miko Marine AS is a privately owned business. The ownership is split between Buksér og Berging (Neptun) and the Miko group. Miko Marine US LLC and Miko Marine Asia PTE LTD are subsidiaries to Miko Marine AS located in Louisiana and Singapore, respectively.

Ownership structure

Buksér og Berging is the largest tug operator and marine salvage company in Norway, with a fleet of 43 vessels. Managing director John A. Nielsen is chairman of the board of Miko Marine. We share resources as well as office space and administrative functions with Buksér og Berging in central Oslo.

Miko Trading buys damaged goods from insurance companies to recycle and reuse them. Miko Plast produces plastic products from recycled material. All three sister companies in the Miko group share the same level of innovation and commitment to protect the environment.